Q. How is the thickness of a bag measured?

Ans.  Thickness of a bag is measured in Gauge / Microns / Mil.
The conversion factors are –
Micron is shorthand for micromillimetre (mµ).
1 millimeter = 1,000 microns.
Mil is a unit of measurement used in the US.
1 inch =1,000 mils.
Another unit of measurement is Gauge as used in describing the thickness of
sheet metal, for example:

1 gauge     = 0.01 mil
1 gauge     = 0.254 microns
160 gauge = 40 microns
200 gauge = 50 microns

Q. How is the size measured?

Ans. It is Width x Height (including Grip)

I.e. 2” x 3” means, 2 inches width x 3 inches height


Q. Are prices per 100 or per 1000 bags?

Ans. Prices are per thousand bags i.e. for 10 pkts (100 Pcs/Pkt).

Q. How is the standard packing done?

Ans. 100 pcs of Zipper Bags are put in one Printed Poly to  make a Packet and such Packets are then put in a HDPE Bag.
Any other kind of packing required, shall be provided at extra cost.

Q. Do you keep the bags in ready stock?

Ans.  Most of the sizes shown in the Price list are usually stocked by us for immediate dispatch.

Q. What exactly is recloseable Plastic bag called?

Ans. There are many companies manufacturing  various kinds of reclosable Plastic Bags . These Bags are
marketed under their respective brands such as Ziploc , Minigrip, magicseal etc.,(These brands are not owned by us).

Q. Are these Bags Leak Proof?

Ans. No these bags are not Leak Proof and we do not suggest them for filling liquid items as
Leakage problem may arise occasionally.

Q. Are these made of Recycled Plastics?

Ans. NO these bags are made of 100% Virgin quality Plastics Granules.

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