Food Packaging / Snacks:

Used for packing  Sandwiches, Snacks, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Bscuits, Potato Chips, etc.

Industrial Packaging:

Used  in Store for packing Spares, for Packing Samples , Brochures , Catalogs, Spectacle Frames  etc.

Agro Packaging:

Used for packing Pesticides, Fertilizers, Rice, Pulses, Spices, Dry Fruits etc.,

Dry/Frozen Foods (Freezer's):

Use for packing  Sea Foods, Meat, Green Peas , Flour  etc.,

Departmental Sores:

Use in Retail outlets, Super Markets, Hyper Markets, Malls for packing small items like ladies accessories, statoinery, imitation jewellery etc.

Pharmaceutical / Medical:

Used in Clinics , Dispenseries , Hospitals for putting the medicines in Zip Lock Bags with Patients name and Dosage written on them. Also these Bags are used by Manufacturers for putting samples in these Bags , for packing Cotton Buds etc.,

Electronics / Telecom:

Used for packing Wires, Cables , Circuit Boards, Spares, Mobile Accessories , for storing Manuals / Warranty Cards etc.,


Used for packing Coins in various games such as ludo, Chess,Snakes & Ladders,  Carrom, etc...

Garments / Fashion Industry:

Used for packing Buttons, Zippers, Beads Hooks and other Accessories.


Packing garments, Small products like jewellery, hair clips etc…


Used for Packing cutlery, Snacks, Tea / Coffee sachets , Magazines etc

Household/Everyday Use:

Store food in refrigerators, Easy lunch / Snack  bags, Gift bags, sandwich bags, travelling items

And Many More....